What got us here, won't get us there!

- Marshall Goldsmith

Organizational and cultural development
are my passion. I draw my expertise from over a decade of full-time work as a consultant in various companies and industries. Empathically and always at eye level, I shed light on functional and dysfunctional team and organizational dynamics in my training and workshop formats. Participants appreciate my consulting style, which is characterized by courage, clarity and empowering confrontation.


My methodological and theoretical repertoire is shaped by extensive systemic training as well as group dynamics training. First and foremost, however, I see myself as a practitioner with over a decade of full-time experience.

My favorite topics include facilitation of organizational change processes, team development, conflict resolution, leadership training, and individual supervision.


Building bridges


Whenever your organization is struggling to reach its full potential, I help as a consultant, trainer and organizational developer.

Together we overcome obstacles, manage conflicts and create clarity in our own actions.

Your individual goals always come first. 
I look forward to meeting you.

Sabrina Leibrecht

Counseling Scientist (M.A.)
Systemic therapist and consultant (SG)
Systemic organizational developer | isb, Wiesloch
Group dynamic leader and consultant | TOPS Munich-Berlin (in training)


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